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Somehow Silas did not have a toy truck until today. Funny how little boys like them so much.

Bath time tonight.

Some recent pics of Silas I had in my phone…opening Christmas presents, in the bath at the Burger King (a new addition here)!

So here's a sign that some local high school students hung outside their school a few weeks back. It says:

"The walls have ears and your ears have walls."

Check out this video produced by a Campus Crusade staff member in Eastern Europe…

In this year (2009) the world looks back 20 years to a cascade of international events that could only have been orchestrated by God' sovereign hand. The fall of the Berlin Wall was only one, very symbolic moment of many similar occurrences in nations we used to say were "behind the iron curtain." But what happened could not merely be the coincidence of geopolitical factors running their course. Millions around the world had been praying for this moment.

Campus Crusade for Christ International had not only been praying, but had been behind this human division working to lay the foundation for God to enter many hearts.

I thank from the deep of my heart for your precious time and assistance. I will always be grateful to you for this decency.

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Join us for a few minutes to reflect back on what God was doing before, during and since the walls came down. Hear the stories of those whose lives have been changed forever and imagine what "walls" God could be bringing down now.

(Directed by Jim Southard, Produced by Bill Babione and Grant Olson, 10 minutes in length, property of Campus Crusade for Christ, 2009)

Maybe it's the failing Italian economy or just a new idea for advertising, but now our paper towels come with ads. I guess the company decided it had lots of white ad space to sell off. This ad is for fruit juice and though I look at it every day, I haven't bought any…yet!

Fall Conference photos below. Thank you so much for your prayers for the conference. It went off without a hitch and our staff and Italian partners from around the country were all very pleased!

Click here or on the picture to see the full album

This is a video that Campus Crusade for Christ International put together to help recruit Operations workers into missions. They came through Florence and I got to play a small part in it. Check it out (I'm at 2:00 in the video)!

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